PCS Chromebook Deployment Procedure for 2020 COVID-19 School Closures


    Purpose: Pitt County Schools is presently unable to provide in-person classroom instruction due to COVID-19. Beginning on March 30, 2020, teachers will offer digital instructional content to students and / or integrate technology for instruction, assignments, projects, research, and assessment. In order to facilitate this online instruction option, PCS will provide Chromebooks to students on request, beginning March 25, 2020.



    1. Parents/guardians must make a request to the school to borrow a device. They may contact the student's teacher, call the school to make the request or complete their school’s online request form. Please be patient with our schools, as they are reduced to essential staff only and many schools are also serving as meal sites.

    2. Only families who have Internet access but do not have a device for student use qualify to request a PCS device. 

    3. Devices will be deployed on a first come, first served basis. Because they are limited in number, not every family who requests a device may receive one.

    4. Parents/guardians, students, and media coordinators or media coordinator’s PCS employee designee will complete the Student Device Use Agreement.

    5. After completion of the Student Device Use Agreement, parents/guardians may pick up the device at school during grab and go lunch time or at a time designated by the school.

    6. Parents/Guardians will receive Chromebooks with charging cords for educational use.

    7. Internet access is the responsibility of the family. 

    8. Devices and charging cords will be returned once regular school days resume or upon students leaving the district or unenrolling from Pitt County Schools.



    Procedimiento de Implementación de Chromebook para los Cierres Escolares 2020 COVID-19 en PCS