• Career Planning

    1. Know Yourself: The NC Careers website offers several resources to learn about yourself. The Reality Check survey "is a fun, new online tool designed to estimate the income necessary to support your desired lifestyle. State where you’d like to live in North Carolina and how you spend your money. From there, you’ll be directed to jobs that meet your financial needs." "What kind of person are you? Take the Interest Finder next to determine what jobs would interest you. 

    2. Explore Career Clusters: "Career Clusters are groups of occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills. Each cluster contains several smaller groups called career Pathways that connect to educational programs, industries, and jobs. While a Career Cluster paints a broad picture of a group of occupations, a Pathway helps you focus on and develop a clear, more informed, educational plan over time." Take the Career Cluster Match survey here to find jobs to match your interests and skills. 

    3. Know and Experience Real World Jobs: Explore occupations with a variety of different filters including career clusters, education and wages using the NC Careers Occupations page. Then, contact your CDC to learn about experiences available for you in Pitt County and to learn more about jobs and gain real world experiences. 

Last Modified on August 8, 2022