• Collaborative Inquiry Projects

    Communities of Practice (made up of Facilitating Teachers and Collaborating Teachers) in Pitt County Schools complete annual collaborative inquiry projects around an identified problem impacting student achievement.  Project processes, summaries, and overall results, and shared annually with the public at large through LiveBinders and categorized on this website.

    Each project is its own LiveBinder, and each LiveBinder is a “live work in progress”, meaning they are all updated throughout the year as teachers continue to make progress on the project.  Some projects may be further along that others, so while the format of each LiveBinder is consistent, LiveBinders may have different amounts of information contained in them depending on the actual community of practice. For ease of navigation, projects have been sorted into topics based on the focus of the inquiry, and projects involving multiple topics are included in multiple shelves.  For a list of all projects, please refer to the “All Projects” shelf.  For questions about specific projects, please refer to the contacts tab in that project’s LiveBinder.