• Elementary AIG

    There are 2 types of service.

    1. AIGC is for students that are identified as AI or AG

    AIGC is a full day of academic advancement for gifted learners in 4th and 5th Grade.

    The program is designed to foster creative thinking thru rigorous curriculum and collaborative projects that extend the Standard Course of Study in both grade levels.

    Year 1: Influence

    Students will understand the influence, changes, and perspectives that drives decision making. To accomplish this goal, students will learn about:

    Greek Forum
    Space Station
    Discrete Math

    Year 2: Structure

    Students will understand all systems must have structure. Structures reflect the environment of a community and are impacted by many factors and influences. To accomplish this goal, students will learn about:

    History of money
    Influential artist and musicians
    Mystery Powders 

    2. IGC is for students that are identified as IG, AM or AR

    The curriculum is interdisciplinary and is divided into two years. Each year, students travel to different continents to gain exposure to the history, culture, and language of a country on that continent. Students also learn about math, geography, technology, and occupations based on the details of their travels through the continents. To address social-emotional needs, the advanced learners apply what they learn about metacognition, growth mindset, and how to appreciate themselves as unique learners.


    The goal of GO GROW is to find students that demonstrate behaviors that are associated with traits of giftedness. These students may or may not be performing well academically. However, through a body of evidence, these students warrant opportunities outside of the academic classroom to develop their gifted potential through inquiry-based learning that magnifies the social behaviors of giftedness. The goal of this type of service is to draw out and nurture the students’ intellectual and/or academic potential. GO GROW Service is NOT Gifted Identification. Students must meet the gifted ID criteria to be formally identified gifted.

    GO GROW Academic:

    Students demonstrating math and/or reading content mastery in an identified math or reading target area may receive academic enrichment services. Services provided for enrichment and acceleration by the AIG Teacher, are a school-based decision.

    GO GROW Exploratory:

    These students may work with the AIG Teacher to receive high-quality inquiry-based instruction, based on student interest, as a platform to recognize and respond to their intellectual and academic potential. How service is provided is a school-based decision.

    To view the MCI and more detailed qualifying and service information click "here



Last Modified on July 29, 2021