• School Psychology

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    Pitt County Schools currently employs 18 School Psychologists. Our School Psychologists partner with families, teachers and administrators to help our students succeed not just in academics, but in the emotional and behavioral components of their lives. 

     Your child's classroom teacher is always available if you have concerns regarding academic or social/emotional functioning in the school setting. Please contact your child's school counselor in the event that someone from the psychological services department is needed to address your specific concerns.


    Psychological Services

    Data Collection and Analysis

    Progress Monitoring

    School-wide practices to promote learning

    Resilience and risk factors


    Academic interventions

    Mental health interventions

    Behavioral interventions

    Instructional support

    Prevention and intervention services

    Crisis preparedness, response and recovery

    Family-school-community collaboration

    Diversity in development and learning

    Research and program evaluation

    Professional ethics, school law and systems

    Special education services


    MTSS roll out

    SLD roll out/implementation



Last Modified on July 29, 2021