Helpful AT Tools

  • Voice Typing in Google Docs

    Select to Speak (Chromebook)-This function allows students to highlight a word or words to be read aloud.  You must turn it on in settings under accessibility. From settings>advanced>accessibility  Select "manage accessibility features" Turn on "select to speak"  To use this, the student can use this function several ways. Hold down the search key and use your mouse to drag a box around the text you want to be read aloud. Press the control key to stop speaking.  You can alternately select the the select to speak button in the bottom right of your tool bar (once enabled) and then draw your box around text you want read to have it read. To stop speaking, hit the button again. One other way is to press the search button and the "s" key at the same time to read aloud highlighted text. 


    iTalkDoc App- An app to help users communicate where pain or discomfort may be through an interactive visual chart

    (also available in google playstore here)


     iPad Accessibility -A great tutorial on the accessibility features available on the iPad and how to use them

  • What IS Assistive Technology?


    Assistive technology(AT) refers to anything that will enable a person with disabilities to perform, maintain or increase functions or tasks that may otherwise be difficult or impossible for them to do! Assistive Technology can include modified or adapted equipment, computers, communication devices, books, etc. 


    Any student with an IEP or 504 plan is eligible for assistive technology.  It is up to the IEP/504 team to determine if accommodations, modifications or other strategies currently in place are meeting the needs of the student or if the student would benefit from additional supports.  

                    AAC Reading Pen      
    VGo Telepresence System and PCS Assistive Technology Facilitator