"Home of the Gators"
     "alpha" gator
    1019 Fleming Street
    Greenville, NC 27834 
    Fax: 252.830.5296 
    Coordinator of the Alpha Center & Special Programs:
    Virgina C. Gaynor, GaynorV@pitt.k12.nc.us 
    Behavior Support Liason:
    Cher BasnightBasnigC@pitt.k12.nc.us
    Instructional Coach:
    Erin TyburskiTybursE@pitt.k12.nc.us
    School Level Contact:
    School Secretary:
    Angela SuggsSuggsA@pitt.k12.nc.us
    School Social Worker:
    Cassandra Campbell, CampbellC@pitt.k12.nc.us
    Our mission at Alpha 
    The Alpha Center is a program of services that will provide a structured and safe learning environment.  The goal is to improve student behavior and foster academic growth so the students can return to their home schools with effective strategies for success. 
     Our motto at Alpha
                                                                   Good attitude
                                                                   Achieve excellence
                                                                   Totally committed to success
                                                                   Outstanding behavior
                                                                   Respect for others and self 
Last Modified on September 15, 2016