• Assistive Technology Resource Support Team
    AT Gear

    Who to Contact: 

    Cameron Bass

    Meet the team! 

    Cameron Bass, Assistive Technology Facilitator
    Linnley Cox, Occupational Therapist
    Simone Barnes, Occupational Therapist
    Kim Woodworth, Occupational Therapy Assistant
    Karen Poole, Physical Therapist
    Tammy Reynolds, Speech Therapist
    Gilda Barton, Speech Therapist
    The team was created in 2010 through an initiative with the NC Department of Public Instruction and the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities.  We attended many trainings and workshops over the next couple of years to become an effective multidisciplinary assistive technology team! We all enjoy being a part of this team to help meet the needs of our students!

     If you have a student that you feel our team needs to know about and you have talked with the related service providers in your building, please reach out to Cameron Bass for further information.