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    Health Sciences Academy Curriculum


    The Health Sciences Academy allows students to pick a four-year high school curriculum based on a health career interest and their planned course of study for graduation. Completing these courses within the Academy will give students basic knowledge and skills needed to continue in their pursuit of a career in the health field.  The curriculum that is followed by our students prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills for maintenance of health, prevention of illness, and care of the ill.

    Required Courses for Health Sciences Academy Students:
     The students in the Health Sciences Academy are allowed the freedom to select courses that will benefit the most as an individual and allow for individualized planning based on future career goals. 

    We highly recommend that students take Honors or AP level or participate in dual enrollment courses if possible to prepare them for postsecondary education.  Our students are required to complete and pass 6 of the following courses before high school graduation to graduate with Academy Honors:


    Health Team Relations


    Technology I



    Technology II



    Science I



    Science II









    Health Sciences


    Sports Medicine I

    Sports Medicine II

    Sports Medicine III

    Forensic Science


    Brody School of Medicine
    Honors Medical Research


    Health Sciences Biology

    Human Anatomy and Physiology

    Advanced Biology

    AP Biology


    Advanced Chemistry

    AP Chemistry


    AP Physics I

    AP Physics II

    AP Environmental Science

    Math III

    Advanced Functions and Modeling

    Discrete Math



     to Calculus


    AP Calculus AB

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Statistics


    Animal Science



      Recommended Work-Based & Special Program Experiences:
    • Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
    • Honors Medicine Program through the Brody School of Medicine at ECU
    • SAT Preparation Workshops
    • Community Service/Volunteer
    • UNC-Chapel Hill Sports Medicine Symposium
    • Vidant Medical Center Internship Program
    • Destination Health Careers Summer Institute
    • Summer Ventures in Math & Science (SVSM)
    • Governor's School
    • Health Careers on the Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill)
    • Volunteen Program at Vidant Medical Center
    • Shadowing Opportunities



Last Modified on January 28, 2016