Health Sciences Academy Curriculum For Traditional High Schools

    Required Courses for Health Sciences Academy Students: 

    The students in the Health Sciences Academy are allowed the freedom to select courses that will benefit them most as an individual and allow for individualized planning based on future career goals.  

    We highly recommend that students take Honors or AP level or participate in dual enrollment courses to prepare them for postsecondary education.  Our students are required to complete and pass 6 of the following courses before high school graduation to graduate with Academy Honors:

    Foundations of Health Science  Biomedical Technology   HealthScience I  HealthScience II
    Nursing Fundamentals PharmacyTech Health Sciences Internship Sports Medicine I
    Sports Medicine II Sports Medicine III Forensic Science Brody School of Medicine Honors Medical Research
     Health Sciences Biology Human Anatomy and Physiology Advanced Biology AP Biology


    Advanced Chemistry AP Chemistry Physics

    AP Physics I

    AP Physics II AP Environmental Science Math III
    Math IV

    Discrete Math

    Pre-Calculus Introduction to Calculus

     AP Calculus AB

    AP Calculus BC AP Statistics Psychology

     Health Careers 

    Veterinary Assisting  Animal Science                    Marine Science 













     Revised 3/30/22 



    Any college-level Math, Science, Psychology, or Health Sciences course can also satisfy this requirement.  The Health Sciences Academy Coordinator must approve other variations from this recommended list before registration for the alternate course(s).

    Note: Course offerings are subject to availability at the respective high school. Course titles reflect the 2022-2023 Registration Guide for Pitt County Schools.

Last Modified on March 28, 2023