Health Sciences Academy Scholarship

    Criteria:   Health Sciences Academy graduate who plans to attend either East Carolina University or Pitt Community College.  Selection is based on academic performance, volunteer experience, and involvement with the Health Sciences Academy.  The award amount will be up to $500 per recipient.  At least one scholarship will be awarded to ECU and one to PCC.  The due date for this application is March 29, 2018.

    Katherine Bray Strickland Scholarship

    Amount:  One $500 scholarship will be awarded. 

    • Student must be from Pitt County
    • Student must be accepted to East Carolina University
    • Student must have a weighted GPA of 3.0 or above.
    • Preferences will be given to students who show demonstrated financial need and who are likely to provide service to under served individuals in Eastern NC
    James J. and Mamie R. Perkins Health Professions Scholarship

    Amount:  Approximately $6,077.95 each year for 4 years at East Carolina University.  Approximately $2,208.88 each year for 2 years at Pitt Community College.

    • Student must be accepted for admissions at the institution (East Carolina University or Pitt Community College) through which they are seeking the scholarship.
    • Student must plan a medically related field.  Student applicant must be a graduate of a high school in Pitt County.  
    • This application is due to your high school counselor - be in touch with them regarding deadlines.  Deadlines vary by school. 

    Perkins Scholarship 2018


    James Milton Oakley Memorial STEM Scholarship


    Amount:  Two scholarships for $1000 each (one male and one female) attending a four-year college.



    Recipients must meet the following criteria:

    • Aspiration to major in STEM courses in college (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math)

    • Demonstrated ability to overcome hardship or challenges as evidenced in an essay

    • Demonstrated ability to clearly state career goals in an essay

    • 2 Letters of recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal of current high school
    • Weighted GPA of no less than 1 for the community college applicant and no less than 3.4 for the four year degree applicant
    • Demonstrated interest in science/math/engineering high school coursework
    • Clean criminal history
    • Candidates with demonstrated financial need MAY be given preference
    • Applications are due to your school counselor.  Please touch base with them regarding deadlines, as they may vary per school.  


    Oakley Scholarship 2019
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