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    Health Sciences Academy Curriculum Information


    Students who attend the Innovation Early College High School will still have an opportunity to participate in the Health Sciences Academy!  Please see the information below in regards to the courses available to our ECHS students, as well as a special course offering for HSA seniors.


    All Health Sciences Academy students must complete 6 courses off of our list of required courses to be a graduate of our program.  The table below shows you which of the 36 courses we approve that are offered at the ECHS.  They are reflected in RED below:



    Foundations of Health Science 




    Science I


    Science II





    Health Sciences


    Sports Medicine I

    Sports Medicine II

    Sports Medicine III

    Forensic Science

    Brody School of Medicine

    Honors Medical Research

     Health Sciences Biology

    Human Anatomy and Physiology

    Advanced Biology

    AP Biology


    Advanced Chemistry

    AP Chemistry


    AP Physics I

    AP Physics II

    AP Environmental Science

    Math III

    Math IV

    Discrete Math



     to Calculus

     AP Calculus AB

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Statistics

    Animal Science




    Health Careers A

    Health Careers B



    Any college level Math, Science, Psychology, or Health Sciences courses can also satisfy this requirement.  Other variations from this recommended list must be approved by the Health Sciences Academy Coordinator prior to registration for the alternate course(s).

    **Additional courses may be highlighted for the IECHS as courses become available to students.


    CS072X0 Health Sciences Internship

    CS975X01 Health Sciences Internship Honors


    • Prerequisite Information from PCS Website:


    Completion of Health Sciences I and enrolled in or completion of Health Science II; must be a senior in the Health Sciences Academy; submission of an application


    • Course Description from PCS Website:


    The Health Sciences paid internship provides seniors who are in the Health Sciences Academy an opportunity to begin learning an occupation using a system that combines on the job training and related academic and technical instruction.  Students will have to compete with other students for internship positions according to the employer's requirements.  Students are required to complete applications, to be interviewed, and to submit to drug screening and a criminal record check in order to be considered for placement in the internship program.  Students must provide their own transportation.  Students must complete a minimum of 180 hours of work each semester for a total of 360 hours per year in order to earn two units of credit.  Students will receive a grade based on the student's job performance as determined by the employer's evaluation every six weeks.  Students who desire the honors credit will have additional requirements to complete an honors portfolio.


    ECHS students must take the following 3 courses to qualify for this course, as Health Sciences I and II are not offered at the Early College. 


    CLSC 2000

    Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science

    HIMA 3000

    Medical Terms for Health Professions

    HSMA 2000

    Professional Roles and Environments in Health Care


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