• Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) Honors Medical Research 
    Course Description:
    The BSOM Honors Medical Research course is designed in conjunction with the Brody School of 
    Medicine at East Carolina University.  This course is for seniors who are highly motivated towards 
    medical science, and students are provided an exceptional opportunity to experience primary medical 
    research.  These students select a medical area of interest and engage in medical research guided by a 
    BSOM faculty member.  Enrollment is limited to 15 students from all Pitt County Schools combined, and 
    these students are selected on the basis of their academic performance, understanding of scientific 
    research, ability to communicate (oral and written), and an interview with Pitt County Schools and 
    BSOM faculty.  
    Course Requirements:  
    Selected students will be enrolled in the BSOM Honors Medical Research course for 4th period in both 
    the fall and spring semester of their senior year.  Upon completion, students will receive two units of 
    honors science credit.  They will be expected to spend approximately 8-10 hours each week with their 
    preceptor and/or their research.  Once a week, students are engaged with various medical researchers 
    during seminars which aim to enhance student understanding of current and advanced research topics.  
    Students are required to maintain the details of their learning and laboratory experiences in their 
    journals, and they are expected to complete an online weekly reflection.  They will also receive 
    evaluations from their preceptor.  
    Application Process:
    Applications will be available from Friday, December 1, 2017 until Monday, January 8, 2018.   All applications must be submitted to the Health Sciences Academy office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 8, 2018.  Students must include the application form with the signed agreement, responses to the short essay prompts, and an updated student resume.  The Health Sciences Academy staff will be 
    responsible in getting your transcript at the conclusion of the fall semester.  No applications will be accepted late, and incomplete applications will not be considered.
    What our students are saying about this program:
    "My favorite things is the amazing people who do the seminars and that they would take time out of their schedule to talk to some high school students."
     - Madeline Cox, Senior, South Central High School
    "My favorite part about Honors Med. is the ability to learn something new every moment you are working in the lab."
    - Marcus Shawky, Senior, South Central High School
    "The Brody School of Medicine Research program has given me the chance to have hands on research experience.  Through this program you learn that science is not a collection of facts, but rather an ever evolving exploration of unknowns with many mistakes along the way."
     - Ulises Espino, Senior, J.H. Rose High School
Last Modified on November 30, 2017