• What Do Maintenance Work Order Statuses Mean?



    Typical Interpretation

    Is It Open?

    Typical Scenario

    New Request

    New work orders are initially set to this status. 




    The work order is being reviewed and has not been assigned to someone for the work to be completed. 


    First stages. We are not 100% sure who will do the job or if we will perform it.

    Work in Progress

    Any work order assigned or scheduled to be completed. Typically at this stage, the work order has been reviewed and assigned to a technician for corrective repair.


    We are on the job or the job will be completed soon.


    A complete status signifies that all actual, physical work has been performed. Transactions such as purchases or labor may not be fully captured on the work order yet, but this will alert personnel that the work has been done.


    The job is done.


    Both physical work and administrative documentation is concluded. Once all transactions and notes are added into the work order, or if corrective action has been verified, this is often when work is “closed”.  No

    The job, and any documentation about the job, is done.

    Open Extended

    The work order will be kept open for an extended amount of time.  This is usually selected for projects or jobs that will take longer than 3 months.


    Parts on Order

    The work order is waiting for the arrival of parts before continuing.


    We will be on the job when supplies arrive.

    On Hold

    Work is paused (besides waiting for parts or waiting on more information), perhaps due to coordinating resources.


    We are not ready yet, but do expect to perform the job.

    Waiting More Information

    More information is needed from the requester or another person before proceeding the completion of work.


    The work order description was not clear or there are circumstances that need clarification.

    Waiting Funding

    This request is waiting for funding to become available before work can begin.


    If we get the funds, we will do the job, but it is not certain at the moment.


    This status is used to show that a work request has been recognized, but is waiting to be performed at a later date.


    We are identifying the need, but it must be on the backlog until a confirmation or a denial is given.

    Declined Work orders that will not be done. They may be declined by either a Principal, Assistant Principal, or by a person in Facility Services. No We do not have the resources or that is outside of our typical scope.

    Duplicate Request

    A previously requested work order already exists.


    We know about it and it has been documented elsewhere already.


Last Modified on January 10, 2018