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    "Helping Us Grow Successfully"

    Pitt County Schools' Preschool Program for Children with Autism

    Located at:

    Sadie Saulter Educational Center                               Falkland Elementary School

    400 Spruce Street                                                       503 NC-121

    Greenville, NC, 27834                                                 Greenville, NC, 27834

    252-758-4621                                                              252-752-7820



    Preschool Special Education Services are designed for children with disabilities ages 3-5 who are in need of specially designed instruction. The goal of the Exceptional Children’s Pre-K program is to provide support and services to children with disabilities at an early age in order to prepare them for success in kindergarten and beyond. Preschool services are provided based on the child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) that is written to support the needs of the individual child.


    What is an IEP?

    The Individual Education Program, also known as an IEP, is made up of goals and objectives based on a child’s individual need. It is written for one calendar year and can be reviewed at any time as requested by families or service providers.


    What is Autism?

    A developmental disability affecting a child’s communication and social-emotional skills. Signs of autism typically emerge before age 3 and can adversely affect a child’s ability to effectively communicate and interact with others. Other characteristics of autism include repetitive or restrictive behaviors, activities, and interests.

    Provided Services

    Children who are found eligible for services through the special education process will receive specially designed instruction based on their IEP. Eligible children may also receive related services if needed to support their educational goals including: speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or transportation.



    Children who are found eligible for special education services will be provided these services at no cost.


    For more information, please contact:

    EC PreK Program Specialist: April Denney

    Email:                    Phone: 252-758-4621