• Welcome to Pitt County Schools webpage on Transition services!  If you have questions or need support regarding post secondary transitions, please contact:
    9-12 Program Specialist 
    Sarah Pierce (252)406-6107
  • IDEA defines transition as, “A coordinated set of activities for a student with a disability that includes instruction, related services, community experiences, the development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives, and, when appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation.”

    In addition, IDEA mandates that every student in a special education program must include transition goals in their IEP form age sixteen on and must include a statement of transition plans for students fourteen and older.  These transition goals must address each of the areas enumerated in the definition or provide a statement detailing why they are not needed (McPartland, 2005).

    For more information on Transition and the IEP, click on link below.