This program is designed to provide a sound foundation in preparation for adult living for students with disabilities. Through participation in a standards based curriculum with a vocational focus students learn skills necessary to enter the world of work, retain employment, and seek other employment throughout their adult lives. Students with disabilities who eligible for this course of study, are provided common core academics and relevant work experiences through a variety of training formats.

    The Occupational Course of Study is designed to provide eligible students as determined by the IEP Team, the skills needed to develop a foundation for work. This course of study consists of three components: (1) standards based curriculum, (2) job training, and (3) competitive work experiences. The program addresses the aptitudes that are necessary for successful adult living and employment. Students follow a course of study that emphasizes integration into the working community after high school graduation.

    Criteria for Placement 
    Students with disabilities in grades 9-12 are determined eligible to follow the Occupational Course of Study by an IEP Team. All decisions regarding participation in the Occupational Course of Study are made by the IEP Team and are based on the individual student‘s needs and goals for their future.  The course of study is designed for students with mild intellectual or developmental disabilities.
    Find the full OCS program overview in this Support Document
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