Occupational Course of Study Course Requirements


    Currently, Pitt County Schools requires the successful completion of 28 units of credit or 87.5% of total possible credits in order for a student with disabilities to receive a diploma through the Occupational Course of Study. Among graduation credit requirements is the completion of 150 hours of school-based training, 225 hours of community-based training, and 225 hours of paid employment. If necessary, the student could remain in school for additional semesters to complete all requirements, including the required training hours and paid employment hours, until the age of 22.

    Community-based training hours will be completed during the school day, while paid employment may be completed at anytime while the student is enrolled in high school. Community- based training opportunities begin during a student’s second year in high school and are provided once the eligibility criteria have been met. Students who have obtained competitive employment are required to provide Occupational Course of Study staff with actual paycheck stubs for documentation toward the paid employment hours.

    Students enrolled in the Occupational Course of Study are provided with a program designed to prepare them to live, work, play and continue to learn successfully in the community following high school graduation. Students also have the opportunity to take Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses that provide on-campus and off- campus vocational training. These classes are modified to meet the student’s unique educational needs.


Exceptional Businesses Supporting Exceptional Children

  • Agri-Supply

    Food Lion on Easy Street

    Mark’s Quick Lube

    Peaden’s Grill

    Smitty’s Grill

    Stokes Elementary School

    Advance Auto                                                                       

    CVS Pharmacy                                 

    Food Lion                                         

    H.B. Suggs, Bundy Elementary School

    Pitt Community College

    Food Lion on South Memorial

    WH Robinson

    Dress Barn

    Creative Living Center

    Spring Arbor

    Convention Center

    Food Bank

    Ayden Middle School


  • Piggly Wiggly in Farmville

    Subway in Farmville

    Wintergreen Primary

    Food Lion on Red Banks Road

    Food Lion on Turnbury

    Walgreens in Bells Fork


    My Sister’s Closet

    TJ Maxx

    Posh Salon

    Ayden Court


    Piggly Wiggly in Ayden

    Subway in Ayden

    Food Lion in Ayden

    Walgreens in Ayden


    Gwendy’s Goodies

    Quincy’s Barber Shop